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40% discount on our 16x20 art prints. Just in time for the holidays
40% discount on our 16x20 art prints

Luminescent River Poured Mahogany Coffee Table

This piece was months in the making. It was inspired by a kayak excursion in St Croix to see the luminescent creatures in the ocean on a very dark night. As we paddled along the water came to life with a fireworks show that was nothing short of amazing.

What a wonderful collaboration between my brother Ted, my husband and I. Ted did all the wood working and I did the river pour. It really does take a village.

This is a substantial piece of furniture, sure to wow your guests and add to a serene environment each evening as you settle in for a little downtime. You will enjoy this piece for years to come. It's sure to be an heirloom kept in your family for generations to come.

Finished with Epoxy which is very durable but can scratch just like any other fine furniture. This finish can be brought back to perfection with a little car wax and some buffing resulting in a lifetime of enjoyment.
Indoor use only.

For a viewing of this piece you may reach out for an appointment in our Plainfield Illinois Studio via email