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40% discount on our 16x20 art prints

About Denise Wheeler

Finally, I find myself making things I can’t wait to show to you! It all started with a basement remodel in 2018, I had this vision of how I wanted my bar top to look so I poured it….lol….it was terrible. I spent the next three months practicing so I could try again and along the way I fell in love. The mixing, the pouring, the colors, the unexpected outcomes, it was a gift that just kept giving. I couldn’t stop. I re-poured that bar and it was beautiful and during my learning period I had created a few pieces I was excited to show others.

My first art show was at the Water street studio in Batavia Il in December of 2018 and strangers bought several of my pieces. Life was over as I knew it! My friends and family had been telling me they loved what I was making but you know how it is. I had to hear it from a stranger or two before I really believed it.

I feel like my journey is a great example of how it’s really never to late to start something new. Welcome to my new chapter, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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