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40% discount on our 16x20 art prints. Just in time for the holidays
40% discount on our 16x20 art prints

Island Ocean table

Table Style
We have all seen the river tables where the wood is on the outside and the resin is poured inside to make it appear like a river.  

We wanted to change it up and put the wood on the inside giving the feel of the deep ocean surrounding an island!!
We obtained a beautiful piece of hackberry wood from a local supplier.  This is a super hard wood  so will stand up to almost anything.  
I love texture so I left the wood exposed so when you run our hands across the top you will feel the smoothness of the resin and the texture of the wood.
The resin is very durable but can scratch just like any other fine furniture. This finish can be brought back to perfection with a little car wax and some buffing resulting in a lifetime of enjoyment.
Indoor use only.

The table is 16 inches wide and 37.5 inches long.
It is available with shorter legs( 16.5" tall) to turn into a coffee table or taller legs (28" tall) that you can use to make it a entry way or sofa table.
For a viewing of this piece you may reach out for an appointment in our Plainfield Illinois Studio via email