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40% discount on our 16x20 art prints. Just in time for the holidays
40% discount on our 16x20 art prints

Saturday 3:00PM Resin Pouring Art Class


Resin Art class; Bring a friend and a respirator. I highly recommend taking the acrylic coaster class first so you are familiar with the fluid art techniques and know what you want to do with the resin class.

Key difference between resin and acrylics are

1.The resin is time bound, we have about an hour once we start mixing it

2. PPE is recommended for resin classes, I'll supply everything except for the respirator, the decision to wear a respirator or not is yours. The space we work in is well ventilated and has high ceilings. You do you.

3. We will use a torch for popping bubbles and still sometimes a spot on the piece we're pouring may repel. As much as we want to boss it around sometimes it just won't listen and we have to be ok with going with the flow.

4. Some effects require multiple applications IE multiple classes. The waves can be accomplished in one class but do look the absolute best with two classes.

Some of the techniques taught are the Flip, Dirty pour, Dutch, Swipe, Tree Ring, Puddle pour and more. You are welcome to spend up to 90 minutes learning about and using resin to decorate the piece of your choice. 

This is not a make and take. Your resin will take a week to cure enough for finish work. We will set up a date for pick up.

The $75 reservation fee includes all materials for any of the following:

4 coasters (Best for beginners- you can try multiple techniques on this many pieces)*

2 coaster and 1 trivet (Great for beginners - beautiful gift idea)*

2 trivets (great for beginners)*

1 8x10 Birch wood canvas *

1 small serving board

1 small slate plate

1 trinket dish

These options are available with an upcharge

12" Lazy Susan - $35 additional fee payable at class

15" Lazy Susan - $55 additional fee payable at class

10x10 Birch wood canvas - $10 additional fee payable at class*

11x14 Birch wood canvas - $20 additional fee payable at class*

Medium Serving Board - $25 additional fee payable at class

Large Serving Board - $45 additional fee payable at class

We also have serving trays that range from $10-$35 additional fee

Statement Tables or custom sized pieces (Do you have an old table you would like to reinvent? This is a great way to do that) - please email for details

Location: 15110 S Fox River St Plainfield, Il 60544 (street parking only, if the street is full, see attached map for public parking options)

* - Custom Framing available starting at $25

It's our business, we make the rules so we can break them too. Wishing class was on another day or time, shoot me an email. I'm excited to share this art form with you and your friends. Questions? Special Accommodations? Private Parties? Please email