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40% discount on our 16x20 art prints. Just in time for the holidays
40% discount on our 16x20 art prints

One of a kind Hand Painted Earrings - Glitter Purple Drop Earrings


One of a kind jewelry

Jewelry on this site was an unexpected bi product of the art. When I work with fluid art, the paint is like water and often runs right off the canvas onto the table. Sometimes what lands on the table is even prettier than what I had on the canvas. I couldn’t bare to just discard it so I started researching and learned about acrylic skins. You let the paint dry and then peel it off. Now it’s like wall paper and I can adhere it to the glass cabochons and then adhere the cabochons into the different bezels. VOILA! One of a kind, beautiful and unexpected pieces of jewelry. Overall length is 1.25 inches

Color disclaimer - all computers display colors with a variance.